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Image of Water Tap Kit for RotopaX

Water Tap Kit for RotopaX

$30.00 USD - Sold out

Take advantage of your SLAP mounted RotopaX with our Water Tap Kit. It provides easy access to your potable water without having to remove the container. The self venting lever tap lets you control the rate of water flow and provides a glug-free dispense.

The Water Tap Kit includes a Self Venting Lever Tap, a slip-on Dust Cap, and a Threaded Adapter which is machined in-house from a food-safe plastic. The RotopaX Water Pack is sold separately.

Easy to install, fit the original rubber seal over the adapter flange. Insert the adapter into the container and screw on the cap until it is tight. Finally screw on the lever tap all the way until it sits flush. Check for leaks before use.

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